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MindwareMindWare is a creator, manufacturer, and distributor of Brainy Toys for people of all ages. The diverse product line includes games, puzzles, brainteasers, arts and crafts activities, mysteries, mazes and more. MindWare's goal is to place high quality toys that teach and entertain into the hands of children and adults.

Over the years, MindWare games have won many prestigious awards, including Major Fun, Mensa Select, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Dr. Toy, Parents' Choice and the Spiel des Jahres in Germany.

  • BrainBox: All Around the WorldBrainBox: All Around the World
    This fast-paced game keeps students on their toes as they strive to memorize as many facts as possible in only ten seconds. Great way to get students excited about history! With the Brain Box: All Around the World, players study the pictures-and-facts side of a card for 10 seconds, then flip to the other side to see how many of the 10 questions they can answer: Can you name the capital city? How many stripes are on the flag? What river flows through this country?
  • BrainBox: AnimalsBrainBox: Animals
    This clever memory recall game challenges players to memorize as many details as they can in just 10 short seconds! Turn the timer over, concentrate on the card and try to memorize as many details of the picture as you can. Players then determine which question will be asked by rolling the die and quiz each other on what they remember. Open their minds to geography facts, landmarks, historical figures and animals from around the world. Players study one side of the card for 10 seconds, then flip to the other side to see how many of the questions they can answer.
  • CrosswiseCrosswise
    CrossWise is an abstract strategy game for 2 players or teams that will have you thinking in all directions. Players earn points by matching three or more Shape Tiles across the rows while their opponents do the same in columns. You'll have to think ahead because every tile you place also scores points for your opponent! Plan ahead for a double play, shift shapes to block your opponent, and trade tiles to earn big points. Watch out though - Action tiles let players move tiles unexpectedly! The game is over as soon as the last open space on the board has been filled with a tile. The player or team with the most points wins CrossWise.
  • Destination USADestination USA
    Destination USA is the geography game that puts fun on the map! Pack your bags full of both strategy and luck for this road trip across the United States. Your hand of driving cards sets your course as you move around the map collecting state chips. Visit popular travel destinations and gain even more points. Will you sweep the Southwest or visit the Everglades for extra points? Special cards allow you to Fly or hit the Cruise Control to really pick up speed. But plan your trip carefully or you might get stranded! Destination USA is the fun and exciting route to learning United States geography. The accompanying travel guide includes information about each remarkable destination.
  • DiziosDizios
    Dizios is the bright, bold and brain-bending domino game with a dizzying twist! Take turns placing tiles into the grid by matching up edges, and earn points according to the pieces on the board that your tile touches. Includes 71 glossy, thick chipboard game tiles. 2 or more players. A 2010 Mensa Favorite Brainy Games Winner!
  • LineupLineup
    Line Up is the memory game of quick looks and tricky crooks! Which mustached marauder stole the doughnuts from the bakery? Which brunette bandit hijacked the hotrod? Players move through six different crime scenes and get a five second glimpse of the criminals. Back at the police station, spot the guilty suspect among a line-up of look-a-likes and win the card. Identify the most guilty suspects and you win the game!
  • QwirkleQwirkle
    Combining tactical maneuvers and well-planned strategy, Qwirkle is a game that has players mixing and matching colors and shapes to score and win. The game consists of 108 thick wooden blocks with six shapes in six colors. Players score points by building lines that share a common attribute - either a color or a shape. Although the game is quickly learned, it soon becomes apparent that strategic thinking is crucial to scoring high. The challenge of Qwirkle is logical and clear enough to engage kids but complex enough to appeal to adult competitors. The player with the highest score after all of the tiles are placed wins the game!
  • Qwirkle CubesQwirkle Cubes
    Qwirkle Cubes is a twist on the award winning game of Qwirkle. As in Qwirkel, players try to score points by building lines that share a common attribute - either a color or a shape. In Qwirkle Cubes however, players have more control over their hands because they can roll and re-roll their dice to try to get the shapes they need! Everyone can see what is in each others hands so players' offensive and defensive planning will change constantly. When you create a line, you score points for each cube in that line. If you add to an existing line, you score points for all cubes in that line as well. Complete a line of six cubes to make a Qwirkle and score six bonus points! The player with the highest score when all the cubes are used up wins the game.
  • Qwirkle Travel SizeQwirkle Travel Size
    Travel size Qwirkle plays just like the award-winning original. It is as simple as matching colors and shapes -- but it takes both luck and strategy to win! Create rows and columns by matching tiles with the same symbol or color. Match both for maximum points. Create a line of all six and you score a Qwirkle! Fun for all ages and now the perfect size to take anywhere!
  • TribbitTribbit
    Tribbit is a fun exercise in visual discrimination. The frogs on the 112 cards have a number of similarities in their fashionable outfits -- maybe it's their canes or their vests or the hats perked jauntily atop their heads. Players are each dealt 16 frog cards. Which frogs have vests? Glasses? Spot the traits and sort the frogs into sets of three. Think a frog belongs in the "moustache" mix? You might need to think again and group him with the cane-carrying crew to complete more sets. Players need to spot all these similarities and strategize how to sort them to create the most sets of three to earn tokens and win the game.

Last Update: May 27th, 2013