Destination USA

Destination USA

Destination USA is the geography game that puts fun on the map! Pack your bags full of both strategy and luck for this road trip across the United States. Your hand of driving cards sets your course as you move around the map collecting state chips. Visit popular travel destinations and gain even more points. Will you sweep the Southwest or visit the Everglades for extra points? Special cards allow you to Fly or hit the Cruise Control to really pick up speed. But plan your trip carefully or you might get stranded! Destination USA is the fun and exciting route to learning United States geography. The accompanying travel guide includes information about each remarkable destination.

Destination USA includes:

  • 1 large game board featuring a 20"x30" map of the United States
  • 62 driving cards
  • 48 state chips
  • 48 destination cards
  • 2 card stands
  • 5 car tokens
  • instructions and travel guide

Published by: Mindware Games

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