Each player takes on the role of an explorer and their team, mandated by a European nation to discover, colonize and profit from the archipelagos. Archipelago combines exploration, resource management, optimization, cooperation, strategy, negotiation, corruption, commerce, suspicion, alliances and betrayals, even a hint of investigation!

In Archipelago, players are Renaissance European powers competing in the exploration of a Caribbean archipelago. They will explore territories, harvest resources, use those resources in markets both internal (for their use and that of the natives) and foreign (to sell it in Europe), build markets, harbors, cities and temples, and negotiate among themselves (and maybe betray each other) -- all this to complete their secret objectives. They will also need to guess the secret objective of the other players to be able to benefit from them.

But players also need to be careful of the natives; if they make them too unhappy or if too many of them are unoccupied, they could revolt and declare independence. Then everyone will lose! The game includes three sets of objectives, enabling players to choose between a short, medium and long game; a solo option is also included.

"It has a whip-smart design that's had every single rough edge taken off. It possesses everything that's awesome about the hobby. It's incredibly smart, absolutely gorgeous, and the island, tech and troubles reshuffle themselves utterly for a different game every time you play. [Kotaku]
  • Modular game with vast possibilities
  • A semi-cooperative game by Christophe Boelinger (Dungeon Twister, Earth Reborn)
  • The possibility of choosing the length of your game - from 30 minutes to 5 hours
  • 2 to 5 player game

Published by: Asmodee

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