Winning Moves Games

Winning Moves Games is a leading publisher of classic card and board games, and they specialize in creating new and retro editions of classic Hasbro, Parker Brothers, and Milton Bradley games.

  • 25 Random Things About Me25 Random Things About Me
    Play 25 Random Things About Me and get to know the people you thought you already knew! During game play, you'll try to match fun facts on the game cards with your opponents. Make a match and then add a new, totally random thing about yourself to your list. The first person to complete a list of 25 random things about them wins. It's great fun to compare lists at the end of the game!
  • Big BoggleBig Boggle
    Big Boggle has been enjoyed for more than 30 years! Shake up the 25 letter cubes and try to spot as many words as you can. Race against the 3-minute timer as you follow adjoining letters, every which way, searching for words that you hope your opponents won't find. When time runs out, players compare their lists and score for each unique word they've found. The player with the highest score wins Big Boggle! The larger 5x5 grid puts nine more letters in play than standard Boggle.
  • Clue - 1949 Classic EditionClue - 1949 Classic Edition
    Clue is the classic detective board game! This edition features the original suspects, rooms, weapons, and look of the first edition of the game which was released in 1949. Well known anthropologist John Boddy met his end at his Hampshire estate, Tudor Mansion. The cause is unknown, but police are treating his death as suspicious. No evidence of a break-in was reported by police, and early indications suggest the body has been moved. Investigators are calling on you to help solve this mysterious crime. Come to Tudor Mansion and put your keen detective skills to use and search the nine rooms and secret passages for clues. Be the first to solve the mystery of who, where, and with what - and you win!
  • Flip For ItFlip For It
    Flip For It game play is easy and fun! Place twelve cards in a circle around the cool dice flipper name "Flippy". Press down, let go, and watch him flip and land on his feet! Claim a card that matches the number on either die or the total of both. Can't make a match? You're out of the round. But wait! You're still alive if a Flip For It card is in play. Everyone flips to see who'll win it. High score wins when the cards are all gone.
  • FlinchFlinch
    In Flinch all you have to do is get rid of the 10 cards in your stockpile. You'll do this by playing them in numerical sequence onto the play piles in the center of the table. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Wait and see! Flinch was released in 1903 and been entertaining generations ever since.
  • Go For BrokeGo For Broke
    Will you claim victory? Or will you roll "Go For Broke"? Go For Broke is the game of rolls, risks and rewards, a fast-paced game where you can risk it all to get rewards and win! Roll as long as you dare to claim first a 20, then a 50, then a 100 and finally a 200 point card. Pick up "insurance" on the way. But, watch out - if you roll "Go-For-Broke", you're busted and lose your gains in the current round! All players who earn 200 points will face-off in an intense playoff round.
  • King MeKing Me
    King Me is the classic game of checkers with a twist. When it's time to crown one of your pieces "king", just give it a twist and a spiky crown pops up! Rules for Coast to Coast Checkers (a race across the board and back) and Stack 'Em Checkers (a capture and stack game) are also included. Play all three games on the stylish, double-sided game board!
  • Monopoly Mega EditionMonopoly Mega Edition
    Bigger! Faster! Own it All... and More! Monopoly - Mega Edition offers four new reasons to play the world's favorite board game: You can own more with 12 additional spaces, including 9 new properties. Build more with Skyscrapers that allow you to earn "mega" rents, and you can even build a Depot on a railroad to double the rent. Get richer by starting with $2,500, including a $1,000 bill. Play faster with the 'speed' die that gives you a chance to travel to the next unowned property and free 'Bus Tickets' that can take you wherever you want to go... but use them quick, because they do expire.
  • No Stress ChessNo Stress Chess
    No Stress Chess provides a way to learn the world's greatest game quickly, excitingly, and without stress! The secret is an innovative deck of action cards that depicts each chess piece and how it moves. Players move only this piece on their turn, eliminating the need to memorize all the chess pieces and their moves in advance. The special two-sided gameboard has one standard side, and one that tells you where all your pieces sit at the start of the game.
  • Parcheesi: Royal EditionParcheesi: Royal Edition
    Parcheesi, the classic game of India, is a simple but challenging game of strategy that has been played for over 2000 years! The object is to get all 4 of your pawns back home to win. But you'll need to watch out for your opponents because they can send you right back to your starting place! Classic gameplay features along with bonus moves and lucky doublets make the Parcheesi board game an unpredictable and thrilling race to the finish every time you play! Parcheesi - Royal Edition has a classic look and feel that commonly appeals more to adult gamers as opposed to other versions that are more visually appealing to young ones.
  • Power YahtzeePower Yahtzee
    The best selling dice game of all time has been given a remarkable shot in the arm. Thanks to the new power die, players can score double and triple points and even take a fourth roll if they're lucky. The Power die is rolled with the five standard dice and shows how the point value of scoring category of the faces on the standard dice should be multiplied. Includes 2 interlocking dice cups, 5 regular dice, 1 Power die, score pad and instructions. Score like never before!
  • Princess and The PeaPrincess and The Pea
    The Princess and the Pea is a perfect board game for little princesses. Just as in the fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson, the prince is looking for a real princess. Princesses move their beds along the board adding mattresses to it as they go. Build the highest bed and reach the special "crown" space to win and become the real princess!
  • Risk Continental GameRisk Continental Game
    Risk! has been enjoyed since 1959, and this reproduction of the first edition presents the classic Risk! gaming experience. Its appeal is timeless. Make the right moves and you'll conquer the world! The goal is simple. Take over the entire world by overwhelming opposing forces with your armies. Dice rolling is the game mechanic that determines victory in battles of attrition. Collecting sets of certain cards and conquering continents wins players bonus armies.This classic version of Risk! Continental Game features six sets of beautiful wooden army pieces stored in clear plastic boxes with lids, and high quality dice (two white and three translucent red). It comes with an oversized game board with original style art that measures 22 1/2" x 21 1/4". The deck of area cards also features original style art. Finally, a rules booklet featuring a History of Risk, the original 1959 rules, rules for a short game, and popular rules variations for experienced players is also included.
  • Scattergories CategoriesScattergories Categories
    If you love The Game of Scattergories, then Scattergories Categories is the next game you'll want to play! It's a great twist on your favorite. Keep the fun coming with this fast-thinking categories game. Be creative, seek unique words and you'll score big! The first player to accumulate 25 points wins Scattergories Categories!
  • ScribboScribbo
    Scribbo is Bingo with words. Players take turns calling out a letter and a number "(A-23") then write the letter in that number's space on either of their Scribbo grids. With careful letter placement, letters turn into words (horizontally, vertically, and along the valuable diagonal). Play continues until all grids are filled in and points are scored for each word you make. This is a word game players dream!
  • Super ScrabbleSuper Scrabble
    Super Scrabble is an expanded edition of the long-time favorite word board game. Add to the fun with additional scoring chances, with twice as many letter tiles as standard Scrabble, and 441 squares on the game board (compared to 225 in standard Scrabble). There are more Premium spaces as well - in addition to double and triple letter and word scores, Super Scrabble has quadruple letter and word score space. If you're looking to take the next step in word board games, Super Scrabble is the game for you.
  • Terra NovaTerra Nova
    Players lead nations in this new world where the most valuable resource is the land itself. The clever system of movement and boundary-building gives you the tools you need. However, it is your strategic vision which will ultimately decide whether or not you will rule Terra Nova. Contains game board, 88 border stones, 44 pioneer playing pieces, and 4 scoring counters. For 2-4 players. Ages 13 and up.
  • The Game Of Life: Classic EditionThe Game Of Life: Classic Edition
    Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Game of Life with this wonderful classic edition. Everything you adored about the original 1960 game will be found inside. Good fortune is always around the corner. That's LIFE! Contents Include: Sturdy bi-fold game board with plastic buildings and mountains, money pad, cards, Stock & Insurance Certificates, 8 plastic cars, pink & blue People pegs, number board, banker's trays and rules.

Last Update: September 12th, 2012