Avalon Hill

  • Betrayal At House On The HillBetrayal At House On The Hill
    Betrayal at House on the Hill is a new twist on terror! The rules are very simple and the game plays at a fast pace. Players build a house of terror one tile at a time, so it's never the same game twice. As one of twelve mysterious characters, you'll explore a house filled with deadly secrets building up to an event called "The Haunt". As you explore you may be faced with any number of horrific scenarios. Ravenous cannibals with you at the top of their menu. Transportation to another dimension by malicious aliens. Even a chess match with Death himself! As if that wasn't enough one of your fellow players will betray you! The traitor will test your sanity as you use all your skills to survive. With fifty fiendish scenarios, Betrayal at House on the Hill is the board game that puts you face to face with legendary monsters, modern nightmares, and your friends!
  • Risk 2210Risk 2210
    Risk 2210 A.D. is the game of global domination and beyond! The world is at war, and as the leader of one of the warring factions you control the destiny of your people. On and above the Earth you must marshal your forces, send forth your troops, hire the right commanders, and crush your enemies. Build alliances if you dare, but also be wary of those who call you friend. Spend your energy wisely. Enlist the commanders with the right commands and you can gain the power you need to conquer the world and beyond. This set includes all pieces to play the classic Risk game as well as the 2210 A.D. version which features expanded game play.
  • Risk GodstormRisk Godstorm
    Enter a time of myths and legends. Enter a world of Risk Godstorm, where ancient faiths and fears rule. Battle across the Earth and in the dark regions below. Harness primal forces to strike with devastating power. Command five ancient cultures - Greek, Celtic, Babylonian, Norse and Egyptian - in a continent-spanning battle that will determine whose civilization reigns supreme. And rest assured, the gods will not sit idle in this war. Risk Godstorm is a new, stand-alone Risk extension with a mythology theme. Includes a secondary map of the underworld to extend game play. For 2-5 players.

    Who will rule the Ancient Earth-and beyond? Enter a time of myths and legends. Enter a world of RISK Godstorm, where ancient faiths and fears rule.The game is for 2 to 5 players who use legendary gods from 5 ancient cultures to determine who will reign supreme. It is a new, stand-alone Risk extension with mythology theme.Includes 382 playing pieces - featuring the gods of WAR, SKY, DEATH, and MAGIC.Battle in the Underworld! Sink Atlantis! The game of Earthly Domination and Beyond! The Classic Game of Risk takes on mythical proportions!

  • Risk ReinventedRisk Reinvented
    Risk Reinvented is an updated version of the classic board game of world conquest. It offers faster gameplay as well as three different ways to play Risk: Basic Training, Command Room, and World Conquest. Basic Training is not about global domination, with your goal instead being to complete three specific objectives. Command Room is a level up with the goal being to complete three objectives, and to also be in control of your capital. World Conquest is just that - seize and control every inch of land on the planet! Completing objectives yields rewards such as additional troops and control of enemy capitals. Risk Reinvented also has an updated map and updated playing pieces.
  • Robo RallyRobo Rally
    In Robo Rally board game you are one of several supercomputers in a fully automated widget factory. You are brilliant. You are powerful. You are sophisticated. You are bored. So enjoy a little fun at the factory's expense! With the other computers, you program factory robots and pit them against each other in frantic, destructive races across the factory floors. Be the first to touch the flags, in order, and you win it all - the honor, the glory, the grudging respect of the other computers. But first you have to get your robot past obstacles like gaping pits, industrial lasers, moving conveyor belts, and, of course, all the other robots!
  • RocketvilleRocketville External Link
    Every player is a candidate vying to become mayor of the city of Rocketville. Each turn, candidates travel to different precincts, making campaign promises. The player with the best promise earns popularity points. At the end of the game, the player with the most popularity points wins the election and the mayoral sash of Rocketville.
  • Sword & SkullSword & Skull External Link
    Ahoy, mateys! That scurvy villain, the Pirate King, has stolen the Sea Hammer - the pride of Her Majesty's Royal Navy - and taken to the seas like the dog he is! It's up to you to commission a brave Officer of the Royal Navy to pursue that black-hearted cur, catch him, and turn him into shark bait. But he's a rascal, that Pirate King, so you'll need to recruit one of the dregs of the Queen's dungeons - because sometimes it takes a Pirate to catch a Pirate. Iffn' you discover where that swab is hiding, you'll need to beat the Pirate King in a duel or acquire enough Gold to buy back the ship. Act with haste, because you're not alone in this hunt, me bucko. Whoever saves the Sea Hammer first wins the Queen's undying gratitude - and the game!
  • Vegas ShowdownVegas Showdown External Link
    In Vegas Showdown, players are attempting to build the best hotel/casino in Las Vegas. Players must balance their hotels with enough means to bring in the money, as well as other attractions to draw people in. Players bid on different rooms and attractions and must cleverly place them to score fame points. The player who uses their income the best and brings the most fame to their hotel wins the game.

Last Update: September 12th, 2012