The Chain Game

The Chain Game

Will you be the first to break the chain? Hope not! The goal of The Chain Game is to stay connected. Each person must think of a word (or phrase) using the last reader's previous word(s). For example: The last player said "Catfish". The next player may say "Cat Box," "House Cat," "Swordfish," "Fishfry," "Cat Nap," etc....

The word chain continues to the next player, and so on until someone gets stumped. That person relinquishes one of his/her chain links, and then reads aloud from a new card. Play begins again. The first player to lose all of his/her links, signifies the end of the game. The player with the highest amount of links is the winner!

Contents of The Chain Game:

  • 216 Cards
  • 36 Chain Links
  • Chain Game Horn
  • Card Tray
  • Divider Card
  • Instructions

Published by: Out Of The Box Publishing

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