Tell A Story is the imaginative memory and storytelling game. Kids use their best memory skills to try to be the first player to collect all five story cards about a single character. After everybody has collected all their story cards, they lay them out and tell an exciting story about their character. Tell A Story is a fun game that develops children's creativity, logical thinking, and language skills. Plays in about 15 minutes.

In this game there are many stories waiting to be discovered and told. Here's how: Each player tries to be first to collect all five story cards about a single character. Then players arrange the cards to tell a story of their choice. Maybe the kitten unraveled the sweater and rolled the yarn into a tidy ball. Or maybe the clever kitten started with the ball of yarn and knit his very own outfit. It's all in the cards--and how you decide to arrange them.

Contents of Tell A Story:

  • 50 Story Cards
  • 10 Character Cards
  • Instructions

Published by: Ravensburger Games

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