Shut The Box - Bookshelf Edition

Shut The Box - Bookshelf Edition

After the sails were still and the nets had been reeled in and repaired, the Norman sailors and fishermen would pull out their dice and play Shut-The-Box. We've brought this game to the world for all to enjoy. Authentic wood tiles and dice give this game its old century charm. Roll the dice and lay down any combination of tiles that match your roll. Keep rolling until you can't match your roll on the remaining tiles. Low score wins; lay down all the tiles and you've Shut-The-Box.

This English sailors' game of yore is deceptively simple: roll the dice and put down tiles that match your roll. But shutting the box -- putting all of the tiles down -- is harder than it seems. Fun and addictive, you can't play just one game. This edition of Shut-The-Box boasts a handsome, solid-wood box and handmade wooden dice and tiles. It's for any number of players.

  • Comes in a handsome solid-wood box
  • This fast-paced game is fun and addictive!
  • A great game for any number of players
  • Beautiful wood box, hand made wooden dice and tiles
  • Any number of players can play Shut-The-Box
  • The game measures approximately 10 1/2" x 10 1/2" x 3" and contains 9 tiles.

Published by: Front Porch Classics

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