Make your bid for power with Revolution!, a board game of bluff, counter-bluff, and surprise. Each round will have you secretly bidding against your opponents as you try to gain the support of the people and win territory. As you gather more Gold, Blackmail, and Force, will you try to control the harbor or the fortress? The tavern or the plantation? Don't underestimate the importance of the Printer as getting your word out to the people to gain popular support is the key to victory. You may have to be a bit underhanded and bribe a magistrate or blackmail a respected priest to further sway the people's favor in your direction. And ultimately, you'll have to know when to push and when to back off and let your opponents fight amongst themselves to make sure you're on top when it's all over in Revolution!

Bidding tokens have different shapes (and colors) for easy identification, even across the table. Colorful cardstock shields keep your bids private, and provide a handy rules reference while you're deliberating during the auction. Traditional wooden blocks allow players to see, at a glance, who controls what. The rules can be taught in minutes, and plays with three or four players. A complete game takes less than an hour, even for the first time. Each new game lets players discover new strategies and tactics.

Contents of Revolution!:

  • 36 Gold Tokens
  • 12 Blackmail Tokens
  • 12 Force Tokens
  • 4 Score Tokens
  • 4 Bidding Boards
  • 4 Bidding Screes
  • 100 Wooden Cubes
  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Rulebook

Published by: Steve Jackson Games

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