Race For The Galaxy: The Gathering Storm

Race For The Galaxy: The Gathering Storm

The race for the galaxy continues with The Gathering Storm (expansion #1 for Race for the Galaxy). The Gathering Storm adds new start worlds and game cards, action cards, and Victory Point chips for a fifth player, as well as goals for Race for the Galaxy. Also included is a separate solitaire game allowing a single player to enjoy Race for the Galaxy. Finally, a drafting variant and blank game cards - so players can design their own unique worlds and developments - are also supplied.

Please note: This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of the original Race for the Galaxy board game is required to play.

Contents of Race for the Galaxy: The Gathering Storm:

  • 4 New Start Worlds
  • 9 Action Cards for a Fifth Player
  • 18 Game Cards
  • 17 Blank Cards
  • 10 Goal Tiles
  • 17 Victory Point Chips
Solitaire Game with:
  • 1 Play Mat and Tokens
  • 2 Custom Dice

Published by: Rio Grande Games

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