Power Grid: Factory Manager

Power Grid: Factory Manager

Power Grid: Factory Manager is the stand-alone follow-up game to Rio Grand Games' popular game of competition between energy producers. Make important decisions to improve your own factory, and fight against competitors for the best equipment available in the market. Use workers to buy machinery and robots and to run the machinery in the factory. Keep an eye on rising energy prices. Make the most money to win the game.

Power Grid - Factory Manager is a business buildup game. You start with a small factory and try to improve it. At the beginning you may simply focus on increasing the production.l Late you are confronted with new challenges: track the ever increasing energy price and cleverly distribute your workers for the best benefit.

By being close to the theme, the game is logical and coherent in its main features. A clever new mechanism improves the game by affecting the player order and the actions on the market.

But don't say you weren't warned: Because of only 5 turns, the game is exciting right from the start. Be careful all the time or your fellow players will mercilessly leave you behind!

Contents of Power Grid - Factory Manager:

  • 5 Factory Boards
  • 1 Storage Board
  • 106 Factory Tiles
  • 35 Workers
  • 10 Seasonal Workers
  • 15 Markers
  • 10 Shut Down Tile Markers
  • 8 Energy Price Tiles
  • 12 Player Order Tiles
  • 1 Energy Price Marker
  • Instructions

Published by: Rio Grande Games

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