Munchkin Quest - The Munchkin Boardgame

Munchkin Quest - The Munchkin Boardgame

Munchkin Quest - The Munchkin Boardgame offers you loads of good old Munchkin fun. You know. Crawl the dungeon, kill the monsters, take their stuff, stab your friends in the back. Only now you can do so on a giant modular gameboard. As you open new doors, you add new rooms to the dungeon, and you get to meet a new monster. It could be a Bullrog, the Potted Plant, or maybe even Squidzilla! Every room in the dungeon has its own special effects. Some are good and some are bad and some even depend on your character type. Sometimes you'll find a room that gives you bonuses for both your Class and your Race. As you gather magic items and gold, your true objective is to level up. Once you reach level 10, it's time to get the heck out of there. The only thing preventing your escape is the great and powerful Boss Monster. But you should be able to handle him. He's only level 20...

Please note. Munchkin Quest - The Munchkin Boardgame is not compatible with the Munchkin card game series.

Contents of Munchkin Quest - The Munchkin Boardgame:

  • 200 Cards
  • 27 Health Tokens
  • 69 Gold Pieces
  • 12 Dropped Item Tokens
  • 15 Move Tokens
  • 12 Search Result Tokens
  • 4 Level Counters
  • 4 Plastic Munchkins
  • 12 Monster Bases
  • 24 Room Tiles
  • 1 Entrance Tile
  • 73 Links
  • 38 Monster Standies
  • 8 6-Sided Dice
  • 1 10-Sided Die
  • 1 six-colored Monster Die
  • 20-page Rulebook

Published by: Steve Jackson Games

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