Munchkin Quest 2 - Looking For Trouble

Munchkin Quest 2 - Looking For Trouble

Munchkin Quest 2 - Looking for Trouble is the first expansion to Munchkin Quest - The Munchkin Boardgame. It adds room for a 5th and 6th player to help the rest of your party fight monsters and grab goods. It also presents more competition and backstabbing opportunities! You get eighteen new rooms and a mess of new monsters. Fight Bigfoot in the Doom Room! Fight the Fright Sprite in the Chamber of Horrors! Fight one another in the Tomb Room! There's also more scrolls, potions, curses, and weapons with which to equip yourself. As a bonus, there is a new kind of passageway that lets you grab gold between rooms. So get going. It's time to look for trouble Munchkin style!

Please note: This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Munchkin Quest - The Munchkin Boardgame is required to play.

Contents of Munchkin Quest 2 - Looking for Trouble:

  • 100 Cards
  • 27 Links
  • 12 Health Tokens
  • 10 Move Tokens
  • 17 Gold Pieces
  • 13 Monster Standies
  • 2 Level Counters
  • 6 Search Result Tokens
  • 6 Dropped Item Tokens
  • 9 Room Tiles
  • 2 Munchkns and 6 Bases
  • Four Dice
  • Rules

Published by: Steve Jackson Games

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