Munchkin Impossible

Munchkin Impossible

Try your hand at Munchkin Impossible, where players strive to kill the monsters, steal the gadgets, and stab their buddy. You and your troop are assuming the roles of spies, whose loyalties change as fast as they can change hats (a lot). You may find yourself as a Playboy, Tourist, or Assassin, and reporting to the Americans, Russians, British, or Chinese (it will change often). You will acquire such gadgets as the Cigarette Dart Gun, the Mustard Gas, and the Bazooka with Incendiary Ammo. Remove enemies such as the Defective Defector and the Super Spy. Be wary of the Interro-Gator, and the Not So Secret Police!

Best of all, you can play Munchkin Impossible by itself, or combine it with other Munchkin games for even more outrageousness!

Contents of Munchkin Impossible:

  • 168 Fully Colored Cards
  • 1 Six Sided Die
  • Instructions

Published by: Steve Jackson Games

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