Archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, has discovered the legendary city Ilium (ancient Troy). You assume the role of an archaeologist, who has been sponsored by artifact collectors, to acquire as many artifacts as possible. Travel along the game board from one dig site, to another, collecting as many artifact tokens as possible (artifact tokens include: Coins, Horses, Armbands, Bottles, and Helmets). By strategically placing teams in the most beneficial places, players stand to gain the upper hand. The player who accrues the most artifact tokens of each artifact type wins!

Contents of Ilium:

  • 1 Fold-out Game Board
  • 50 Artifact Tokens
  • 180 Wooden Archaeologist Figures
  • 5 Historian Cards
  • 108 Archaeologist Cards
  • 16 Wooden Cubes
  • 3 Closed Markers
  • Instructions

Published by: Playroom Entertainment

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