This a trick-taking card game, with the natural enthusiast in mind! As research in the biological science requires a careful eye and meticulous thought, so does this card game - as only one specimen may be removed from the collection. A fun and suitable card game for both kids and adults!

The naturalist magazine Farfalia proposes five subjects that their enthusiastic followers must find and catch... with their cameras! Research requires careful planning -- especially when only one specimen can be taken for the collection. And how much better if it is a species of Farfalia, the leading magazine in the field!

Farfalia is a 2006 Games 100 Award Nominee.

Contents of Farfalia:

  • One 52 Card Deck:
    • 13 Cards in Red Suite
    • 13 Cards in Blue Suite
    • 13 Cards in Green Suite
    • 13 Cards in Orange Suite
  • 25 Subject Cards (Strawberries, Leaves Fishes, Seashells, & Butterflies)
  • 10 Special Wild Cards
  • 5 Team Cards
  • Instructions (English, German, French, Italian)

Published by: Mayfair Games

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