Family Business

Family Business

Family Business is a fast and furious card game, where players assume the roles of mob families. The goal is to be the last family standing. You and your fellow mobsters will battle it out on the mean streets, using a combination of mobster cards, attack cards, rescue cards, and counter cards. As family members are placed on the "hit list," they can either seek "police protection", use "family influence", take it "on the lam", do a "pay off," and more! Family Business takes players to a new level of backstabbing and retaliation!

Contents of Family Business:

  • 56 Action Cards
    • 31 Attack
    • 12 Counter
    • 13 Rescue
  • 54 Mobster Cards
    • 6 Families with 9 Mobsters Each
  • R.I.P. Card Tray
  • Rules

Published by: Mayfair Games Inc.

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