Backseat Drawing Junior

Backseat Drawing Junior

Now the whole family can get in on the drawing action with Backseat Drawing Junior! In Backseat Drawing Junior, two teams race to correctly guess what their own team members are drawing. The catch is that the artists don't know what they are drawing - they can only follow the instructions given by another team member called "The Director". The Directors look at the item on the challenge card then give drawing instructions to the artists as the rest of the team members try desperately to guess what is being drawn. The first team to identify the item that is being drawn wins one point. Directors, artists, and guessers rotate within the teams and the next round starts. The first team to earn seven points wins the game!

Contents of Backseat Drawing Junior:

  • 168 Picture Cards (336 Words
  • 1 Card Viewer
  • 2 Erasable Drawing Boards
  • 4 Dry Erase Markers
  • 2 Erasers
  • Rule Sheet

    Published by: Out Of The Box Publishing

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